Apricot Kernel

Apricots Kernels as 50 kg bag
 Apricot kernels are sometimes added to soaps or scrubs as an exfoliant.
Nutritionally, apricot seeds are similar to other nuts — they’re rich in healthful fats and provide some fiber and iron. There are a number of ways that apricot seeds are used in our foods today. Seeds or kernels of the apricot grown in central Asia and around the Mediterranean are so sweet that they’re sometimes substituted for almonds. The Italian liqueur amaretto, and amaretti biscotti, is flavored with extract of apricot seeds as well as almonds; plus, oil pressed from these cultivars has been used as cooking oil.
 Sweet apricot seeds are sometimes sold as snacks or for baking, and they contain very little or no amygdalin, a controversial component in the kernel. People eat apricot seeds as a snack, very much like nutritious almonds. Bitter apricot seeds, on the other hand, do contain amygdalin, which can raise cyanide levels once consumed.


The worrisome issue here is that many times apricot seeds aren’t labeled properly, whether they are sweet or bitter, and snacking on handfuls of these tasty seeds is potentially dangerous to your health. It’s hard to find a clear answer about the safety of these seeds — sweet apricot kernels are known to boost immunity and fight off bodily infections, but there is also a major debate about amygdalin (or laetrile) and its efficacy as a natural cancer treatment.l.

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