Mazzafati Date

2-1) Packaged Mazzafati date as 600 gr pockets in boxes containing 12 pockets 

Mazzafati date is one types of date related to the Bam city. Bam city is located in Kerman.
Mazzafati date has high moisture and hence, it cannot be considered as nuts. It is sold in various countries with different brands in both of domestic and international markets. Its color is shiny black.

It is thin-skinned and wrinkles. The skin of Mazzafati date is easily detachable. It has high syrup. Whatever the syrup of Mazzafati date is higher, its quality and degree is higher and so is more desirable. The weight of each Mazzafati date box is more than 10 kg due to its high syrup.

The fruit is used to treat diarrhea due to its high potassium.

It should be noted about the consumption of date that it should be washed before consumption, because it is viscosity due to its skin's syrup and therefore it absorbs any pollution.

The name of product

Type of packaging


Number per box

weight of each package

Mazzafati date


7.200 kg


600 gr

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