Rabbi Date

1-1)Packaged Rabbi date as 180 gr pockets in boxes containing 50 pockets

1-2)Packaged Rabbi date as 300 gr pockets in boxes containing 35 pockets

1-3)Packaged date in bulk boxes of 5 kg

1-4)Packaged date in bulk boxes of 10 kg

It is one of the desirable products with dark brown or blackish color. Its kharg is red and its date trends to green.

Rabbi date is thin-skinned with a color lighter than Mazzafati date. It has high syrup, low moisture and small kernel and is the most rathe-ripe date of the country.

The date is less sweet than Mazzafati date and has very desirable taste and is palatable than Mazzafati date before semi-dried step.


Rabbi date is one of the popular products, in a way that its yield is pre-sold before production. It is also used as an industrial desired date to produce products such as date syrup, date sugar, chocolate, bar, muffins and raw materials of some soft drinks. Among its advantages is high durability and easy transportation without the need for refrigeration. 


The name of product

Type of packaging


Number per box

weight of each package

Rabbi date


9 kg


180 gr

Rabbi date


10.5 kg


300 gr

Rabbi date


5 kg


5 kg (bulk)

Rabbi date


10 kg


10 kg (bulk)

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